Tips for your Wedding Trial

Preparing yourself for your wedding trial is one of the most important things to have a successful trial because not everything is on hands of the artist, but also on yours.

In this post we will talk about a full wedding trial (Makeup and hairstyle), however, you can take the part that fits your needs depending the trial you are going to get. At NV Glam Studio we do many trials per week, that’s why I’m sure that after reading these 10 preparation tips you will thank me later.

1. Choose the right artist / company

Make sure to check out the portfolio of each artist before taking a decision.  I recommend choosing an artist who does brides frequently or a company that has different artists like us. Think ahead on your wedding day, not just in the trial. In a regular salon on weekends, they’re very busy, instead, an artist who is dedicated to weddings will possibly close her agenda for the whole morning or day exclusively for your wedding. Besides, they will know a lot of people in the industry and they can help you with wedding vendor recommendations. Artists aren’t exempt from getting sick or having something that gets out of their hands. If you choose someone who doesn’t do brides regular, they probably won’t have someone to take over in an emergency and who also specializes in wedding makeup & hairstyle. 

2. Ask questions

We as makeup artists and hairstylists are used to solving your questions and there is nothing better for us than to make your doubts go by explaining as clearly as possible the service that you’re going to receive. Make sure all your questions are answered and clarified in the contract you sign, otherwise let your artist know in order to make the necessary corrections. There are many questions that not only you can, but you should ask . With that being said, I will leave that for another post.

3. Inform about any allergies

If you have a known allergy or very sensitive skin, let your makeup artist know so she can find the best products to use on you and even recommend an alternative. For example, many times with brides that have very sensitive skin, I recommend changing their idea from regular makeup to airbrush makeup, since I know that I will have less contact with the skin and it will affect them less during and after makeup.

4. Take care of your skin

If you don’t usually wear makeup make sure to prepare your skin as well as you can. If you have no idea what to do, ask your artist if the two of you can make a 15 min video call, so that she can do a short consultation and explain what the next step is. This shouldn’t have any extra cost, but it will obviously depend on each artist. The basic recommendations that I always give to all my brides are to exfoliate their skin at least once before the appointment, keep the skin hydrated, use sunscreen, drink a lot of water, pluck their eyebrows and waxed their mustache, if necessary. In this way, your skin will be the perfect canvas you need. Continue with that skincare and recommendations until the wedding day and even after.

5. Take care of your hair

If you want to dye or bleach your hair, do it at least 1 week before the trial or 1 week before the wedding day. In this way, if the hair is damaged, it won’t suffer when using heat from the hairstyling tools. Wash your hair the night before so that it’s dry the next day, but also have a little natural bait that will help your hairstyle. Don’t arrive with dirty hair or wet hair and don’t apply any product, not even oil, treatment, or mousse.

6. Look for visual inspiration

Tell your artist what you have in mind so that you two can be on the same page. You don’t have to show photos only of what you like, you can also show them what you don’t like and that could make everything much easier. If you aren’t sure about what you want and you are looking for advice, show her photos of references, ideas, colors, your dress and wedding veil anything you think will help. However, be careful of choosing too many because it could make you be very undecided.

7. Go prepared

Come with a clean face and wear white or the closest color to your dress, this will make your vision come to life. Besides, makeup reflects differently depending on the color of the clothes. Bring your veil, accessories, and anything else you want to wear on your wedding day, it can even be your favorite lipstick. We all have 10 lipsticks that are almost the same color because it is the one we like the most. Here is an extra tip, if you like the color of the lipstick that your makeup artist used, don’t hesitate to ask her the color/brand and get the same one, so you can touch it up on your wedding day.

8. Try different looks

Ask your artist how many changes you can make during the trial, this will depend on each one. Don’t be afraid to have one eye with purple eyeshadow and the other one pink. It doesn’t matter if you cannot take the perfect photo, that day is for you to try what you like best, and if you need to pay for a second trial with the same artist or a different artist it’s completely fine. This is like trying on wedding dresses sometimes it takes time until you find your perfect one, even in the same store. Don’t feel frustrated!

9. Don't let others tell you what you like

Always go to your makeup and hairstyle try alone, don’t let other people interfere telling you what you like with their opinions. Even if you have already left and you’re showing others the photos of the trial, make sure that the one who is happy is you. It’s totally okay to change your mind but let it be because you want it that way, not because someone says so. Otherwise, you’ll be thinking the whole time what could have looked better on you.

10. Be in touch with your artist

Create a connection with your artist and keep her informed of any changes you have decided to make and try to do it between 1 or 2 days after the trial when ideas are still fresh. This way she will arrive prepared for whatever you need and when she sets up her makeup station, she will know what to use saving you time on your precious day.

I hope that all this has helped to clarify all your doubts about how to prepare for your makeup trial. If you like this type of content, share it with the next bride-to-be you know.

If you live in Santa Barbara or Ventura counties and want to book a wedding trial with us at NV Glam Studio, please send us an email to check availability.

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