Makeup trends for winter 2019

Winter is here, one of the seasons that offers one of the most extreme climates of the year, for some a grimm season and for others full of fun. For me, this time is a great opportunity to create the best winter makeup of 2019.

In this post I will tell you about the makeups that are trending for this winter and how much I like to dazzle with the best products that achieve that expected effect.

I do my best effort to satisfy you all whether you prefer to be the center of attention with an incredible winter makeup look or if you are most likely to get a natural appearance, but highlighting all the beauty of your face.

The monochrome look

The monochrome makeup is based on using one color, but playing with the different shades.

To achieve this look you choose the leading color, it can be an wine, dark pink or what ever you want. Before start making this makeup, you must decide which area of ​​the face will have the greatest intensity of tone, it could be the lips, the eyes or even the cheekbones depending of the color you have chose.

In my case, I usually prefer my lips to stand out much more, so I make sure to take advantage of the lips moisturizers like those offered by Kiehl’s formulated to melt onto lips and provides up to 12 hours of hydration because they help me to protect my lips from the cold. You can get it from Ulta Beauty here.

To apply the color on the eyes, you should gently blur the same color of the lips until the desired intensity is obtained. This technique offers the advantage to use similar eyeshadows or simply blur the same lipstick on eyes and cheekbones, with both methods you can get great results.

It is a very versatile makeup, depending on the color you use it works both day and night.

Natural Makeup

Every day the natural makeup acquires more followers. It is a minimalist proposal that to me it’s the perfect way to look beautiful, radiant and relaxed. And you know the best of this makeup? It’s very easy to do.

First use a light cover foundation. I like to use the one offered by Becca that illuminates the face naturally, its texture is similar to a soft cream, but with a thin layer you will feel the change immediately. You can get it here.

Then apply light shadows and blushes, these should contrast with the skin color, you should always keep in mind that the idea is to highlight the features naturally. Lately I love to apply the blush on my cheekbones and nose, it gives me a touch of freshness and tenderness that I like. That’s why I think you should definitely try it at least once. For the mascara you can use a clear one if you want something simple, but I recommend to curl your lashes and use one layer of black mascara because it will give you an awake and powerful look. 

Honestly I don’t do my brows everyday, so I just brush them and use the clear mascara I didn’t use for my lashes. The final touch of this makeup is highlighter. Apply a little bit on your cheekbones and under the arch of the brows. If you use a creamy highlighter, it will last longer and it’ll look better because who wants their skin to look dry and lifeless in winter? Obviously nobody! So a cream highlighter is your best partner this season. This look is perfect for the day during the winter, I assure you will love it as much as me.

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