Makeup Expiration Dates

Did you know that makeups have expiration dates? We buy and spend considerable amounts of money on cosmetics. Sometimes we don't even wear them, they stay there, resting in a drawer. And time runs and months and years go by.

But how healthy will it be to use a lipstick or an eye shadow or some other cosmetic when a lot of time has passed?  Do we really know expiration dates on makeup products? Is it even exist?

Cosmetics and their composition

Why do we put on makeup? It is not a current trend since makeup has accompanied humanity since its inception. You know the word cosmetic comes from the Greek word “kosmetikos”, which means “relative to ornamentation”, and archaeological studies say that the first ones to wear makeup were the ancient Egyptians, around 4000 BC. And flying through time, here we are wearing and loving makeup! 

We put on makeup because we want to look prettier, more attractive,more beautiful, feel good, simulate a more youthful and healthy appearance. And for many, most importantly, to look sexy. Makeup grants us our right to “look good”.

Cosmetics (also called makeup) are products that are used for personal hygiene or to improve the appearance, especially of the face.

 I usually wonder what they are made of but I never thought about makeup expired date until now. They are usually mixtures of chemical compounds, some are derived from natural sources, many others are synthetic. So “natural” does not necessarily mean that they are nontoxic. 

Expired makeup and our health

Knowing then that these products are going to be applied to our skin and without causing us harm, how do we find out about  expiration date for makeup

As with food and medicines, beauty products also have their date of expiration. Not everyone reviews this little big detail. But it is very important because it is part of the care of our health, the care of our skin, our eyes, our lips. If we wear an expired product, in the best case we will not obtain the desired effect (luminosity or smooth, velvety skin, anti-aging effect, toning, etc.) but wearing  expired date products can alter the skin, redness or itching, spots on our skin, conjunctivitis, swollen lips or eyelids, among others.

The active ingredients involved in the production of each cosmetic play a very important role in its effectiveness and life time. The temperature and environmental conditions of the area where they are stored are also implicated. A moisturizer usually has a margin of 30 months of life from the moment it is opened, if it has not been in contact with the outside for a long time. 

Lipsticks, for example, can last up to 3 years, they are well preserved in different environments. I know we love to share but lipsticks must be individualized since by sharing it with other people, it can be a good site for growth of bacteria, fungi or cause an infection.

Products that tend to dry and lose texture quickly such as nail polishes, masks, hair sprays, must be worn more frequently.

Most cosmetics usually include their expiration dates on their containers. It is an icon of an open jar that includes a letter and a number, it refers to the time it takes for the product to expire once it has been opened. 

8M = 8 months after opened.


Checking makeup expiration date:

  •  Loose and compact powders:  approximately 2 years. If the outer layer of the product dries, you can scratch it to continue using the powder.
  • Correctors and foundations:  from 12 to 24 months. If the base has a pump-type applicator, it will stay fresh longer, since no air enters nor it is in direct contact with the hands.
  •  Eyeliner and lips:  The covergirl eyeliner that we can buy at target that costs 4$ can last  approximately 3 years.
  • Eyeshadow:  approximately 3 years if it is powder. If it is in cream or gel and you use your fingers to apply it, it is better to remove it every 6 months or  every year.
  • Lipsticks:  My Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick that I bought at target as well, $6, can last from 2 to 4 years. But keep in mind that these products are more prone to bacteria: if you share them or if you have had any infection on the lips.  
  • SPF and facial creams do not use from one year to another. If this summer, we still have sunscreen, do not save it for the next summer.
  • Mascara: from 3 to 4 months.
  • Perfumes: up to 3 years.
  • Brushes:  the they have no expiration date. Here the important thing is cleaning, once a week is recommended.
  • The expiration date on makeup products are measured from the moment we open them and not since we bought them.

We can detect makeup expiration date, I mean checking if our cosmetics are in good condition or not, we should get rid of the ones that are not longer wearable. It is very important the smell or color changes of the product that give us an alert light on expiration date on makeup.  

We can extend the life of our products if we take care of them and keep them in the best way. The surrounding temperature is very important, do not expose them to very hot or very cold temperatures. Do not expose them to sunlight, especially on summer days. Close them tightly after using them and arrange them in a suitable place. Follow the instructions of the producer. Avoid buying fakes because their composition varies and is not reliable.

We should not try to restore a product already defeated by our health. Allergies and conjunctivitis are very common with expired items.

Sometimes, there is makeup that can be recovered if we mix them with moisturizer or emollient, but it is not ideal. Keep in mind that expire is synonymous with come to a death, out of use, and dead product.

In addition, knowing how to makeup yourself and buy quality products increases your knowledge about makeup. We can guide you to get the best results. Learn more here.

Being beautiful and feeling good is not vanity, it is a right, sometimes it is our priority.

Now that we know about our beauty products have an expiration date, let's look at our drawers and get rid of of what is no longer viable. It is not easy, but if it is very decisive for our health. 
The best makeup we can wear is our individual attitude, to improve our self-esteem and to draw the best of smiles every morning before the mirror.

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